Front Page Ads!  Guaranteed Views!  Exclusive Ads Without Competitors!  REQUEST A SAMPLE TODAY!  No Envelopes to Open or Pages to Turn!!

     The Contractors Connection postcard starts working immediately from the moment the homeowner removes it from the mailbox. It drives your message directly into the brains of the buying homeowners in the town you want to work. Your ad is on the front page. It's not hiding inside an envelope or buried in a 48 page magazine that only 2 out of 10 homeowners will bother to open. It doesn't have your advertisement crowded into it along with your competitors. 

    Today's home improvement magazines are so big and thick with 100's of ads, that when you do find a homeowner willing to go through it, your ad will not stand out. Especially if your competitors are inside the magazine along with you. In the Contractors Connection postcard you don't have to share your leads. Their all yours! We put only one of each type of contractor on the postcard. In other words, only 1 plumber, 1 electrician, etc.

     When homeowners receive our postcard, they view your ad! It only takes a couple of minutes to review the postcard, and they do, 100% of the time. Your ad can't be effective if it's not viewed. When the homeowners receive our postcard, their captivated! They've never seen anything like it. It's 4 times the size, twice as colorful, twice as thick and heavy and twice as glossy. It's similar to the laminated waterproof menus you'll find in fancy restaurants. It's superior quality makes it enticing and irresistible to the homeowners, prompting them to take a good look, while thoroughly reviewing your sales message. 

     Reading your message on our postcard is so much easier than reading a thick magazine filled with ads. With no envelopes to open or pages to turn, the homeowners devote their time to seeing and recording your message. Even when a potential customer does not need your services at that moment, our postcard insures your message is received and remembered. When you market your services with our postcard, you keep your competitors in the dark. But when your in the magazine along with them, they'll always know exactly what your doing.

     For reference, over size mail pieces have the greatest response in comparison to other direct mail pieces. Our 9" x 12" Oversize Contractor Connection postcard is the largest mail piece the post office will deliver without folding. The response rate and return on investment is higher with direct mail than any other advertising medium. By being a part of the Contractors Connection postcard, you are on a media which offers the homeowners a handy essential listing of contractors they might be needing in the near future, if not immediately. The postcard mentions how our "contractors have 5 star Google, Facebook and Yelp Reviews". It also advises them to "save this card for an emergency. A trusted contractor is often hard to find when you need one". Please take a close up look at the sample in the photo gallery. 

     For the price of a business card, we can put your sales message in the mailboxes, and more importantly, in the eyesight of your targeted homeowners. We'll connect you with your best prospects. The homeowners in the town you want to work. And we'll do it for 3.5 cents per home! Less than the cost of a business card from Vistaprint.

     If you haven't asked your publisher for a sample postcard, consider requesting one asap. Please don't wait until one of your competitors signs on for our postcard. At that point, it would be too late, and you can't get on. We only put one of each type of contractor on the postcard.

      Please consider giving our Contractors Connection postcard a chance. A one time try at least. You can't make an intelligent decision about it's effectiveness until you do. You will discover we're more effective than any advertising you've tried in the past. Please review this website in it's entirety, and if you have any questions, please inquire with your local publisher.